April 21, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 6:30 pm

Another Nordic Auction
Saturday, April 21, 2018
2713 Courtland Street, Duluth, MN  55806
11:00 a.m. Start Time



Black Bear, walking, life-size, right turn
Black Bear Cub, upright, life-size, Octagon base
Black Bear Rug, full red and black felt, open mouth
Black Bear Skull, bleached, wall display or table top
Black Bear, 1/2 life-size, wall display, open mouth
Black Bear, European mount on shield
Coyote, life-size, sitting, howling, open mouth, rock base
Coyote Pup, life-size, laying, left turn, habitat base
Coyote Skull, bleached
Cross Fox, life-size (really a red), mixed red, black, silver color phases makes it a cross, White top on tail, with Ermine (White Weasel)
Gray Fox, life-size, wall display with rock habitat, right turn, black tip tail
Red Fox, life-size, cherry red, crouched-tracking, snow habitat
Red Fox Pup, life-size, right turn glass and oak case, fall habitat
Red Fox Rug, gold and black felt
Fisher, Life-size, front up, floor display
White Tail Fawn, life-size, standing
White Tail Fawn, life-size, laying
White Tail Fawn, unborn, left turn, glass and oak case with habitat
White Tail Buck, 10 point shoulder mount, left turn
White Tail Buck, 9 point shoulder mount, right turn, pedestal display oak base
White Tail Buck, 6 point European mount with arrowhead shield
White Tail Rump, “the one that got away”
White Tail Antlers, 3 sets on shields, 7 pt., 7 pt., 10 pt.
Squirrel Collection, (gray, black, fox) wall display
Flying Squirrel, wall display
Beaver Rug, large, black and green felt
Beaver Rug, xx-large, willow hoop, turkey feather decoration
Timber Wolf Skull, Minnesota, bleached
Moose Shed, with water-color painting
Antelope Horns, 2 sets

HUGE Bull Caribou

Wild Turkey, Eastern, life-size, 21#, strutting, floor display
Wild Turkey, Merriams, life-size, 22#, flying, wall display
Wild Turkey, Eastern, picture frame display
Wild Turkey Tail display, Eastern and Merriams alternated
Ruffed Grouse, drumming, shelf display
Ruffed Grouse, “game bag”, wall display
Ring Neck Pheasants, flying, one right, one left
Grouse Decoys (3), Spruce Grouse – 2, Ruffed Grouse – 1

Lake Trout, on wood slab, wall display
Lake Trout, wall display
Chinook Salmon, wall display
Walleye, with wood shadow, wall display
Lake Sturgeon, wall plaque
Rainbow Trout, wall display
German Brown, on wood slab
Humpback Salmon, wall display
Yellow Perch, on driftwood
Small Mouth Bass, pedestal mount, double-sided, acrylic case
Northern Pike, Head, wall display
Rattlesnake, desert habitat

Browning Cynergy Over/Under 12 ga.
3 1/2 in. Chamber
Less than 1/2 box of shells ever used in this gun!
Comes with original box and choke tube

2007 Pace Enclosed Heavy Duty Car Hauler
Rated up to 6620 lbs.
Two 5000 lbs. axles
Up-to-date Tabs through 2019
18 ft. Trailer
5/8″ Plywood Interior Walls
Heavy Duty Ramp
Real Stabilizers for Loading Cars

Hand-carved Native American Marble Statue
Over 3′ Tall
One of a Kind!

Ithaca Model 600
12 ga over/under

Remington Model 512 22 cal.

JC Higgins 22 cal. model 44

Savage Model 340 30-30

New Haven Model 283TB 410 ha.

Remington Model 1100 LT-20
Auto 20 ga. Shotgun in BOX

S&W Antique Revolver

Sturm Flare Gun

OMEGA 22 Auto

Tons of Collector Fishing Lures

Felt Ranger Hat

American Indian
Coffee Table


1912 Parker 12 ga. Side-by-side

Gamo Hunter 220
177 Pellet Gun with 32 mm. Tasco
Golden Antler Scope

K31 Swiss Schmidt Rubin mint 308

FB Radom 1930 Polish Mauser
Westernfield 842
Marlin 22
Stevens Shotgun 12 ga.

Soft-sided Hot Tub

Pinball Machine

Red 2001 Kawasaki Prairie 400
Has NEW tires
1753 miles

Green 2005 Bombardier Rotax 400
High Output Engine
Apprx. 2000 miles
Winch – only 2 years old! Used only 3x!

28 VCR Taxidermy Tapes

Bear 8’ Antique Wooden Recurve Bow
VERY, VERY RARE – near perfect condition!

African Lion Skull
Bear Skull
Grizzly Bear Skull
Several other hard to find skulls
HUGE assortment of fishing lures – antique & NEW!

Colt Colteer 1-22”. 22 LR bolt action – Very nice!

Pre-Civil War Double Barrel Shotgun. 1850’s. All original!
Engraved in Sterling Silver

2 Winchester Model 94’s
30-30 win
It’s in absolutely mint condition
other than normal wear

22 Carbine Military Training Rifle

14′ Starcraft Boat
New bearings this past summer
2 Spare Rims

Complete listing and details to follow as items come in!

Always LOTS, LOTS MORE than listed!


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